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Now that you’re ready for the next step, we’re here for you. We’ve developed a course to guide you from your beginning phase into a flourishing garden of learning. What’s more, we’ll help alleviate many of the common concerns that come with homeschooling.

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Our course walks you through how to set up a successful homeschool for your family in 10 straightforward steps.

By the end, you’ll be confident in your homeschool style, you’ll know what curriculum to choose for your student, you’ll become familiar with potential daily and yearly school schedules, and more. Along with the course, you’ll receive exclusive materials to assist with your transition to homeschooling.

Expanding on each of the 10 steps in the guide, Christy-Faith provides much needed background information and resources drawn from her years of experience inside and outside of the school system.

She elaborates on every step in detail, even covering challenging topics like how best to interact with administrators when withdrawing your student, or how to navigate the parenting challenges inherent in homeschooling.


Step 1

Covers establishing your vision, setting your why in stone (or on paper) to help motivate you for the challenging but vital work ahead. This step is crucial because if you have your motivations and goals in hand, they’ll serve as a flame to keep your passion lit.

Steps 2 & 3

take a look at the potential legal hurdles and the resolve that must come with making the powerful decision to homeschool your child. It’s critical that you abide by state laws and act decisively when working with the system.

The rest of the course covers the nitty-gritty, practical aspects of planning and developing your homeschool. This is where Christy-Faith’s knowledge and expertise proves so helpful, because she provides proven methods to make sure your homeschool is a success.

Step 4

encourages you to take a breather and connect with your children, recognizing you’re going through a big change. So take your time: your relationship with your child is perhaps the most important part of all of this.

Step 5

helps you find what will become your homeschool style, what suits your learner and family the best. The course covers different categories and styles, and by the end you should have a strong sense of where your family fits.

Steps 6 & 7

cover the pillars of community and curriculum. Finding a homeschool community provides support and resources—particularly when it comes to choosing or building your own curriculum. This section will also provide insight into different types of curriculums, helping you decide what might be best for your learner.

Step 8

gives examples of the all-important aspect of scheduling your homeschooling, looking not only at daily plans, but building a broad, annual plan as well.

Step 9

is the final launchpad—you have everything you need to start schooling your child!

Step 10

is a reminder that school isn’t just academics, but enrichment as well—so make time for creativity, the arts, and unique experiences.

Beginning Your Homeschool ChecklistAll of the steps in the “Guide to Starting Your Homeschool” condensed into a single checklist for your convenience.
Enrichment IdeasHere are some ideas to get you started in the enrichment of your homeschool. Once you have your feet on the ground, you can season your homeschool day with additional activities that supplement your curriculum.
Homeschool Sample Schedules and TemplateWe have assembled several sample weekly schedules to demonstrate how to organize your homeschool day. The examples cover a variety of ages and we’ve added a template to make it easy to build your own! (This is in MS Excel format so you can modify the schedules electronically.)
Homeschool Style TableHomeschool Style Table We distilled the major homeschool styles into a simple table to help you find the one best suited to you. The table compares the benefits and drawbacks to each style and explains how each might fit with your personal motivations. For each style, we also provide links to the most popular curriculum choices. This simplifies one of the hardest decisions in homeschooling!
Vision QuestionnaireThis step-by-step questionnaire will help clarify your motivation and purpose for homeschooling your children. This is a critical resource to guide your homeschool efforts and strengthen your resolve if you become discouraged later. (This is MS Word format to facilitate your vision development.)

Free Bonus Item included with the course—a value of over $14.99

Guide: Arguments against Homeschooling – Answered! This Q&A addresses some of the common arguments raised by government school advocates against homeschooling. You will be armed with information to rebut the naysayers and stand firm in your homeschool decision.




—You will hone in on your homeschool style, seeing where your learner might fit in structured, unstructured, or eclectic environments.

—Access to worksheets to easily breeze through steps without having to research on your own, saving you time so you can focus on your child’s learning.

—Scheduling examples and templates to help you get the most out of each day—determining your daily rhythm so homeschooling fits with your family culture and priorities.

—Tips and secrets on how to homeschool multiple children of different ages.

—You will learn to examine and assess curriculum choices with confidence, eliminating ones that don’t fit your family.

—Book recommendations! (It saves so much time having the right book for the job.)

—Answers to frequent questions by school administrators to help you withdraw your children confidently.

—Parenting tips to help establish loving authority in your home.

—Helpful ideas to enrich your homeschooling experience, such as taking field trips or exploring the arts.

Our course gives you the knowledge and tools you need to move through your homeschool journey confidently. Let our wealth of experience save you time and headaches, allowing you to focus on life’s biggest priority: your child’s growth.



Christy’s Story:

Christy’s experience includes a 20-year career in K-College academics and administration where she’s worked and taught at literally every level of education in a professional capacity- with diverse student populations ranging from gifted to those with learning differences.

After starting her career as a classroom teacher, Christy found great success as a private tutor, which then evolved into her becoming an educational consultant for kids of the “rich and famous” in Los Angeles. There she worked alongside her husband at their private learning center. She came to realize the system is broken and failing its students, even those from families who can “afford it all.” When she had her own children, she knew what she had to do: homeschool. She spends her days educating her four “endlessly entertaining” kids in Colorado with Scott, her husband of 20+ years. Christy takes great pleasure in listening to fiction on Audible, cooking with her kids, and pondering all things education. You can find her on her two favorite playgrounds, Tik Tok and