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Our course walks you through how to set up a successful homeschool for your family in 10 straightforward steps.

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While this site promotes a download, it only provides an online access to their "guide" for home schooling. I was not able to view the information offline.


Please Make it Printable

I would also pay a few bucks to have a hard copy to use. It is extremely difficult for me to read any type of article on a computer or device. I need to have a hard copy. Please help. Thanks!

Jessica R

Great Guide

Love the guide, but I’d be willing to pay a few dollars for a printable version. I’m a person that likes physicality and I need to physically put my hands on the paper. Let me know if you ever do decide to do that.


I realy love the info

I really love it but would love even more if was printable . thansk for share all of this. let me know if the course is printable. thanks a lot


What a Godsend

the guide is soooo good. I really didnt know where to begin and was getting overwhelmed with how to even take my first steps. This answered so many questions for me. I have more still, but thank you thank you Christy-Faith!


Love this guide! Thank you

So helpful

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