Kick off the new school year with our *FREE* First Day of School signs!

The mile markers are important, so why not have some fun making a memory. I LOVE these designs and personally worked with our graphic designer to make them happen for you. No more cheesy patterns. These are elegant- one for the boys and one for the girls- preschool through 12th grade! 

Make a fond memory of your kids you will cherish for a lifetime!

Start the school year right by capturing the moment in time. They grow up so fast, so let's remember every milestone. Take a great picture with your precious kids and share it with the family.

Designed for you
by Christy-Faith

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My experience includes a 20-year career in K-College academics and administration where I worked and taught at literally every level of education in a professional capacity – with diverse student populations ranging from gifted to those with learning differences. After starting my career as a classroom teacher, I found great success as a private tutor, which then evolved into becoming an educational consultant for kids of the “rich and famous” in Los Angeles. There I worked alongside my husband at our private learning center. I came to realize the system is broken and failing its students, even those from families who can “afford it all.” When I had my own children, I knew what I had to do: homeschool. I spend my days educating my four “endlessly entertaining” kids in Colorado with Scott, my husband of 20+ years. I take great pleasure in devouring non-fiction, cooking with my kids, and pondering all things education. You can find me on my two favorite playgrounds, Tik Tok and