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Here’s the deal: our schools are NOT getting the job done.

At this point… we’ve all seen the negative impacts & constant failures of modern schooling. It’s resulted in lower grades, lack of proper development and unfulfilled kids – but there’s a way out. Not only is homeschooling the perfect opportunity to escape this mess and get your kids the wonderful education they deserve… but we also make the whole process so much easier for you.

The beginner steps to starting your homeschool journey

Follow these simple-yet-effective steps to kickstart your homeschool – mastered over years of teaching & homeschool consulting.
1. Find Your "Why"

1. Find Your "Why"

From the start, develop a motivational underpinning for WHY you’re homeschooling your kids– anchor your resolve and gain peace in your decision.

2. Compliance w/ State Laws

2. Compliance w/ State Laws

Intro-level tips and advice for dealing with state laws – difficult to deal with on your own, but simple with our guidance at your side.

3. Find Your Community

3. Find Your Community

A supportive community w/ common values will help you stay the course if things get difficult. We’ll help you find the support you need for overcoming challenges.

4. Curriculum: What To Know

4. Curriculum: What To Know

This is daunting because so much time and money can be wasted on the wrong curriculum. We point you in the right direction..

5. Learn About Different Homeschool Styles

5. Learn About Different Homeschool Styles

This begs the question – how DO you find your homeschool style? This free guide has a FREE Homeschool Style Quiz so you can know your style!

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That’s the beauty of Homeschool Awakening: you can feel safe and confident knowing the entire path to starting a remarkable homeschool... can be found right here! Use our Starting Your Homeschool free guide to get going on the right track – so you don’t have to struggle with endless doubts & confusion on where to begin.

Designed by yours truly:
Christy-Faith & Mike Spivey


My experience includes a 20-year career in K-College academics and administration where I worked and taught at literally every level of education in a professional capacity – with diverse student populations ranging from gifted to those with learning differences. After starting my career as a classroom teacher, I found great success as a private tutor, which then evolved into becoming an educational consultant for kids of the “rich and famous” in Los Angeles. There I worked alongside my husband at our private learning center. I came to realize the system is broken and failing its students, even those from families who can “afford it all.” When I had my own children, I knew what I had to do: homeschool. I spend my days educating my four “endlessly entertaining” kids in Colorado with Scott, my husband of 20+ years. I take great pleasure in devouring non-fiction, cooking with my kids, and pondering all things education. You can find me on my two favorite playgrounds, Tik Tok and HomeschoolAwakening.com.

Mike is a life-long learner, a tendency that accelerated after he and his wife started homeschooling their children.  Both engineers, it wasn’t enough to simply homeschool.  They studied the various homeschool philosophies to understand what would work best for their family.   In homeschooling, they realized that they were “redeeming their education” – learning all the things they were supposed to have been taught in the school system.  Their experience illustrated some of the shortcomings of public education.  15 years later, the first two of their five children have graduated from high school and have earned scholarships at a private university.  

Mike is thrilled to have the chance to help families enrich their lives by homeschooling.  With Homeschool Awakening, Mike has been the primary author of the guides and scripts for the courses.  Mike also developed the unique H.E.A.R.T. diagnostic which provides tailored curriculum recommendations and teaching tips based on family lifestyle and personality profiles.

Mike and his family enjoy the Colorado outdoors when they’re not reading literature together or enmeshed in a philosophical debate. 

Mike Spivey

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