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The biggest frustration for new homeschooling families is the wasted time and money spent on curriculum that doesn’t fit. This is discouraging and can lead to families quitting homeschooling.


We’re doing what NO ONE ELSE in the homeschool industry is doing, using advanced technology to match parents and kids with the right curriculum choices. We call it the Home Education Advanced Resource Test (aka. the HEART Diagnostic).


No one helps moms find curriculum better than us.


Take the HEART Diagnostic for
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Learn your homeschooling style

Pinpoint a homeschool philosophy that meaningfully resonates with your family. This helps you cultivate a homeschooling culture & style – the foundational principles needed to flourish at home.

Understand yourself

Homeschooling needs to be life-giving for the parent too. Most people forget to incorporate the parents personality in homeschooling decisions. You need to make choices that are a fit for you as well as your children.

Uncover your kids’ learning styles (and how to customize their learning)

Same with kids – each one is extremely unique! We all know our kids’ giftings, but sometimes you need confirmation or to fine-tune your understanding. This test details each of your childrens’ learning styles and goes over specific techniques to maximize their learning.

Find your ideal curriculum w/ the HEART Diagnostic

Parents walk away from this diagnostic with a list of curriculum recommendations curated just for your family. You could dive in unprepared and experiment with one (or many) different curricula. But why? You don’t have to. That was the old way. Instead, use our custom-tailored curriculum recommendations to help lay the blueprint for your homeschool… without the dreadful headaches & confusion- not to mention spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on curriculum that ends up collecting dust.

Avoid mistakes & uncertainties

Let’s face it – homeschooling can be unfamiliar territory. There are countless examples of parents who go in blindfolded- without any understanding of the structures, routines & curricula that work best for them. The HEART Diagnostic is the test we wish we had when we started homeschooling. It’s the insight you need when you’re lost in a sea of curriculum choices.

Our user friendly, 3 part diagnostic
is a breeze

Part 1: Homeschool Style Quiz

Begin the process of finding a curriculum by discovering your family’s homeschool style.

Part 2: Parent Profile

Discover how your own teaching & parenting styles can help you create your dream homeschool – the next step in guiding you to the perfect curriculum for your family.

Part 3: Child Profile

This test details each of your childrens’ learning styles and goes over specific techniques to maximize their learning. It’s important the curriculum you use is enjoyable for them.

Take the stress & uncertainty

out of homeschooling

We designed the HEART Diagnostic to help prevent homeschool failure – we don’t want any family to quit homeschooling simply because they had the wrong curriculum. Sadly, it happens. But that doesn’t have to be your story!


Find the ideal curriculum & personalized answers you need – so you can lay the blueprint for a thriving homeschool!


Take the HEART Diagnostic for
only $19.95