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Effortlessly disarm the skeptics w/ our confidence boosting guide:
Your Homeschool Questions - Answered! with Christy-Faith

Worried about concerns from friends & family… or maybe you still have concerns yourself? This guide covers every common doubt & objection about homeschooling– so you can feel confident in your decision, alleviate the pressure & avoid constant, uncomfortable conversations with others.

Correct the myths

It’s perfectly okay to be skeptical of homeschooling. This guide debunks the common myths with research-based facts.

Tackle objections head-on

Questions from others will come!
Whether it’s from friends, family, or school administrators, you’ll be ready to answer objections on the spot.

Feel secure in your decision

No need to feel anxious when someone asks
"why?" Now you’ll have compelling, fact-based
answers that show why homeschooling
outweighs traditional schools.

Thoughts that run through every parent’s mind:

“How do I explain
my decision to homeschool?”

This is a common concern for almost any parent who decides to homeschool. In fact… it’s sometimes the biggest worry they have – beyond figuring out how to homeschool in the first place! However, answering peoples questions does NOT have to be daunting or scary. The myths and concerns are much easier to knock down than you think – and the Your Homeschool Questions - Answered! guide is your go-to source of conviction that removes the anxiety & tension.

Your go-to source of confidence & assurance

The Your Homeschool Questions – Answered! guide tackles the most common myths & concerns you hear from skeptics – including:

The guide disarms every objection above (and many more) – and shows the naysayers these doubts are nothing to worry about!

Meet Christy-Faith!

My experience includes a 20-year career in K-College academics and administration where I worked and taught at literally every level of education in a professional capacity – with diverse student populations ranging from gifted to those with learning differences. After starting my career as a classroom teacher, I found great success as a private tutor, which then evolved into becoming an educational consultant for kids of the “rich and famous” in Los Angeles. There I worked alongside my husband at our private learning center. I came to realize the system is broken and failing its students, even those from families who can “afford it all.” When I had my own children, I knew what I had to do: homeschool. I spend my days educating my four “endlessly entertaining” kids in Colorado with Scott, my husband of 20+ years. I take great pleasure in devouring non-fiction, cooking with my kids, and pondering all things education. You can find me on my two favorite playgrounds, Tik Tok and

Meet Mike Spivey!

Mike is a life-long learner, a tendency that accelerated after he and his wife started homeschooling their children.  Both engineers, it wasn’t enough to simply homeschool.  They studied the various homeschool philosophies to understand what would work best for their family.   In homeschooling, they realized that they were “redeeming their education” – learning all the things they were supposed to have been taught in the school system.  Their experience illustrated some of the shortcomings of public education.  15 years later, the first two of their five children have graduated from high school and have earned scholarships at a private university.  

Mike is thrilled to have the chance to help families enrich their lives by homeschooling.  With Homeschool Awakening, Mike has been the primary author of the guides and scripts for the courses.  Mike also developed the unique H.E.A.R.T. diagnostic which provides tailored curriculum recommendations and teaching tips based on family lifestyle and personality profiles.. 

Mike and his family enjoy the Colorado outdoors when they’re not reading literature together or enmeshed in a philosophical debate.

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