Is your situation unique? Running into headaches with your homeschool? Sign up for a dedicated 1-on-1 private consultation with Christy-Faith or Mike Spivey!

Get the personalized support you need to overcome the anxieties, struggles & roadblocks specific to your family. We’ll sit down together and advise you on your specific needs. Based on your goals, we’ll provide you with an actionable plan.

Individual attention & full confidentiality

For those who need more direct guidance when it comes to starting or continuing your homeschooling journey… book a private consultation! During the session, you’ll receive answers to your specific questions about homeschooling, find solutions to challenges, and discover the best ways to make your homeschooling experience life-giving for your whole family.

Navigate your way through obstacles

Whether it’s your kids’ learning styles… or your teaching difficulties as a parent… We can help assist with anything related to homeschooling:

Hear it straight from parents just like you. Here’s what they have to say about Christy-Faith:

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You are the reason I’m so confident in my decision to homeschool​


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…thank God that you are here, that you are investing yourself in the children of this world as you are, educating, equipping and encouraging their parents to follow their hearts and instincts. I’m so grateful for you.


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you give us courage to take our babies back! keep getting it girl!

There for you – right at your side!

Our private 1-on-1 sessions are perfect if you:


Want confidentiality away from social media

Many parents want privacy & independence away from the public. When the time works best for you… let’s schedule a private meeting to discuss what’s weighing on your heart.


Need guidance beyond ‘lives’

Sometimes it can be tedious to wait for my responses during Q&A ‘lives’– especially with every other parent asking questions at the same time. And some have a level of complexity that need one-to-one attention.


Have difficult & unique challenges

Our Start Homeschooling with Confidence course is a phenomenal blueprint – but many times, families face unique circumstances that require their own personalized action-plan or need a family-specific issue resolved. We can help!

Finally – dedicated homeschooling
guidance is on the way

Upon booking, you will receive a pre-
session questionnaire that will help us
maximize our time together. Prepare to
have the most productive 50 minutes
you can imagine!