Is your situation unique? Running into headaches with your homeschool? Sign up for a dedicated 1-on-1 private consultation with Mike Spivey!

Get the personalized support you need to overcome the anxieties, struggles & roadblocks specific to your family. We’ll sit down together and advise you on your specific needs. Based on your goals, we’ll provide you with an actionable plan.

Individual attention & full confidentiality

For those who need more direct guidance when it comes to starting or continuing your homeschooling journey… book a private consultation! During the session, you’ll receive answers to your specific questions about homeschooling, find solutions to challenges, and discover the best ways to make your homeschooling experience life-giving for your whole family.

Navigate your way through obstacles

Whether it’s your kids’ learning styles… or your teaching difficulties as a parent… We can help assist with anything related to homeschooling:

There for you – right at your side!

Our private 1-on-1 sessions are perfect if you:


Want confidentiality away from social media

Many parents want privacy & independence away from the public. When the time works best for you… let’s schedule a private meeting to discuss what’s weighing on your heart.


Need guidance beyond ‘lives’

Sometimes it can be tedious to wait for my responses during Q&A ‘lives’– especially with every other parent asking questions at the same time. And some have a level of complexity that need one-to-one attention.


Have difficult & unique challenges

Our Start Homeschooling with Confidence course is a phenomenal blueprint – but many times, families face unique circumstances that require their own personalized action-plan or need a family-specific issue resolved. We can help!

Finally – dedicated homeschooling
guidance is on the way

Upon booking, you will receive a pre-
session questionnaire that will help us
maximize our time together. Prepare to
have the most productive 50 minutes
you can imagine!